Colombia Samaniego

Colombia Samaniego
Origin Colombia (Narino)
Flavor Honey, Nectarine, Balanced
Type Single Origin
Process Washed
Elevation 1800-2000m
This stunner from Colombia will rock your world! Get ready for big flavors of lime, nectarine, guava, vanilla, honey, and cherry with a juicy sweet finish. We cupped this one on a full table, and as each of us hit this bowl you could see the reaction: we all looked at each other and just knew this was the one. After that we bathed in the tropical afterglow - dang y'all...just dang.

Brew Notes
We like to bring out the sweet citrus notes in this beauty from Colombia by brewing it in the Kalita. Go 17 grams of coffee in and 285 grams water to finish in 3:30. We like the water temp at 207 degrees. As espresso, we slap 18 grams in and yank 34 grams out in 28 seconds - for bliss.
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