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The Process
Philip Brown — Diedrich IR-12

PERC Coffee is dedicated to roasting the world's finest coffee. We source seasonally to ensure the coffee is at the peak of its potential. We taste dozens of samples before deciding on a new offering. Once chosen, we pay premium prices to secure these coffees. This model celebrates the hard work and precision of the producers and establishes relationships built on integrity and trust.

Roasting coffee is our heart. Dynamic flavor is not inherent in great green coffee – it’s latent. With that in mind, we create individual roast profiles for each coffee to maximize varietal expression. Once roasted, every batch is cupped and scored, and its roast data evaluated for consistency. We truly believe this attention to detail makes our roasts some of the best in the world.

The bottom line: we don’t buy, roast, or sell coffee we’re not totally crazy about.

Back Story

In 2010, after years working as a barista, manager, and roaster in Athens, GA, Philip Brown came to Savannah. His mission: to cultivate an appreciation for outstanding coffee in the South. Armed with a Diedrich IR-12, a bike, and a really big backpack, he built PERC Coffee one bag at a time.

As business grew, Philip knew the PERC family had to grow too, so he assembled a small and diversely impassioned crew that came together like a coffee Voltron. Batch after batch, play after blistering late-night play of Paranoid, they built a culture around sharing the product they loved. They eventually outgrew the shop, moved the operation to a warehouse on the east side, bought a bigger roaster, and built out a swanky training lab.

Now we are many. With backgrounds in music, technology, and science, we are a team of detail-oriented creatives united by the same common interest: making and sharing damn good coffee.

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