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The Process
Xavier Alexander — 1961 Probat UG-15

Our approach to roasting is this: With single origins, we love to highlight acidity and do our best to roast them light enough to bring the sparkle out without sacrificing all of the body. With blends, we always consider how we can best pair flavors and stack the blend in layers from base to middle and high. All of the notes should harmonize and not offend, giving the drinker a balanced experience without one coffee overpowering the other. Lastly, we reach our conclusions as far as taste through vigorous cupping. Understanding what makes a coffee positive or negative is vital to preserving a great tasting, seasonal menu year round. We make it a top priority to taste our product daily in order ensure that the coffees you receive are top notch.

Back Story

Metric Coffee Co is the brainchild of partners Darko Arandjelovic (Owner of Caffe Streets) and Xavier Alexander (Formerly a Senior Roaster/QC Specialist with Intelligentsia Coffee). Founded in 2013, Metric is the result of a conversation between these two Chicago based coffeephiles that not only found commonalities in their passion for good coffee, but also shared a vision for creating quality goods and services in the city of Chicago and beyond.

From the very beginning, it was clear that assembling everything that was needed to successfully open a Roasting Company would not be easy. Nevertheless, with loads of tenacity and a strong desire to move forward, they took to the streets to assemble the necessary equipment to start roasting on their own. This search led them to Germany, where they found a 1961 Probat UG 15 Kilo roaster that was a barn yard find that need an Uber amount of TLC. Once the machine made it to the states, they began to disassemble it, sand, prime and repainted the machine to the condition that is in today. From the very beginning, we made a conscious decision to start a business that provides a quality product, adheres to honest and ethical treatment of the people we work with and most importantly, not to grow beyond our means.

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