Rwanda Kigeyo

Rwanda Kigeyo
Origin Rwanda
Flavor Cranberry, Orange, Creamy Mouthfeel, Maple-walnut Sweetness, Dried Fruit
Type Single Origin
Variety Bourbon
Roast Light
Kigeyo is our first Southern Hemisphere African coffee this year, and we couldn't be happier to kick off the season with this killer coffee from Western Rwanda!

Kigeyo is one of the COOPAC cooperative's washing station, located in the Rutsiro District on the shore of Lake Kivu.  Cooperative member farmers grow their coffee using organic practices, and deliver their coffee cherry to the Kigeyo wetmill, where Emanuel Habizegato oversees coffee processing with an eye for exacting, and repeatable quality.  Kigeyo ferments its farmers' coffee twice before washing, first dry, then wet, and dries its coffee slowly on raised beds.  This process, combined with 100% Bourbon-variety coffee and high growing altitudes of 1800-2000 meters above sea level, contributes to Kigeyo's spectacular flavors.  Bright cranberries and citrus, rounded out by a creamy body and flavors of dried tropical fruit and maple-walnut.

Beyond Kigeyo's great flavors, we're excited to support the COOPAC cooperative in its progressive quality and development work.  Until recently, it was difficult to find any organically-grown* coffees from Rwanda.  COOPAC is one of the first organic cooperatives in the country, and has provided assistance for its farmers to make the transition from conventional to organic growing practices.  Additionally, the cooperative makes a point to distribute some of its earnings to growers in the form of non-coffee farming assistance and educational support for farmers' families.  We love the coffee, and love showcasing the hard work of a great organization.
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