Colombia Las Brisas

Colombia Las Brisas
Origin Colombia (Rioblanco, Tolima)
Flavor Green Grape, Caramel, Candied Citrus, Almond
Type Single Origin
Process Washed
Variety Caturra, Castillo, Typica
Roast Medium
We love the balance of approachability and jaw-dropping flavors that great Colombian coffees can exhibit, and Las Brisas is one of our favorite Colombians of recent memory.  This coffee bursts with juicy cherry and plum flavors, with crisp citrus, green grape, and granny smith apple brightness. Amongst these mouth-watering fruity qualities, Las Brisas maintains a base of maple syrup, nougat, and nutty flavors that make it a friendly coffee for less-seasoned specialty coffee drinkers, too.

Las Brisas is grown by 9 farmers* in the municipality of Rioblanco, in the southwestern-most tip of Colombia's Tolima Department.  Coffee is grown throughout Colombia, but all of Huckleberry's offerings of the past year have come from the Southwestern area of the country.  Colombia is one of the few coffee-growing countries with two harvests, and this particular lot comes from the smaller October-December harvest, known as the Mitaca or Fly-Crop.

We roast quite a bit of coffee grown by small producers.  Las Brisas is unique in that the nine farmers mill, wash, and dry their coffee individually, at their farms.  Most of our other smallholder coffees, like Burundi Buhorwa, Ethiopia YirgZ, or Rwanda Kigeyo, for example, are picked and delivered in its cherry to a centralized washing station, where it is processed collectively.  Individual processing can create challenges for consistency and quality, but all of the farmers who make up Las Brisas are well-practiced in proper fermentation and washing, and dry their coffees on raised beds for slow, even drying and under greenhouse-like cover for protection from Colombia's rains.  

Careful growing, proven varieties, excellent terroir, and skilled processing help create an impeccable, dynamic coffee that we think you'll love.  Las Brisas has sweetness that lovers of more basic, milk-friendly coffees will enjoy, but also packs a punch of stellar, fruity brightness and the juicy flavors that excite the roasting team here at Huckleberry!

*Las Brisas is grown and micro-milled by Jose Gustavo Quintero, Ernesto Quintavio, Julio Ernesto Vasquez Quieto, Hernan Roberto Arias, Heiber Hernandez Perez, Nolberto Ñanguma Uribe, Ernesto Osorio, Luz Mila Rico, Jose Ider Zapata Quiñones, and their respective families.
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